01 May 2011

Seek Peace, Glorify His Name

"My soul will boast in the LORD; let the afflicted hear and rejoice.
Glorify the LORD with me; let us exalt his name together."
- Psalm 34:2, 3

I am posting my blog early this week because it is also part of an assignment for one of my classes. As I started doing research, I realized that it was a perfect post for our Monday journey in seeking peace in our lives. The writing is based on Psalm 34. Please take time to open your Bible and read its’ powerful words. The psalm takes place at a time when Saul, King of Israel wanted to kill David. Instead of trusting the Lord, David was afraid and went and hid in a cave with 400 other people that were also running away from a difficult life in Judah. This psalm is compiled of many different ideas but the common thread is that we need to continue to tell people how great our God is, and “believe it ourselves.” The only way to enjoy a life of happiness and peace is to walk in the ways of the Lord, glorifying Him and serving others.

Our problems, pain and weaknesses are never hidden from the Lord, neither are our joys, pleasures or successes. As we continue our journey of seeking peace, in good times and bad, in quiet and chaos, we need to ask God to be glorified in our lives. In my daily devotion for today from “Open the Eyes of My Heart,” the following few sentences hit on this exact topic. It said, “We honor His name and give Him full credit because we know that what people think of us isn’t nearly as important as what they think about God. When He is glorified, lives are changed.”

A few years ago I was at church and the pastor was preaching about how God is always there for us. And that we need to pray to Him to be who we need Him to be. At the time I had just moved to the area and was seeking employment. It was a long road and I was getting discouraged. During the sermon it occurred to me that I need God to be my provider. I couldn’t do this transition alone. After the sermon, we had communion and prayer warriors are always available (off to the sides of the church) to pray for anyone’s needs. Well, you have to know me... I am usually the one that offers to pray for others and I don’t find it easy to ask for prayers for myself. But the sermon had touched me so deeply that I decided to share my prayer request. I explained to the prayer warrior that I was unemployed and needed to ask God to be my provider. She prayed with me and when we were through, she whispered in my ear, “See me after the service, I have a contact that is looking for an administrative person.” To make a long story short, within two weeks I was working at my new job. Now, this is not to say we always get quick answers to our prayers, but sometimes we just need to glorify God by asking Him to be our all-in-all and believing in His power.

So, today I can say that God is my provider, my healer, my teacher, my Shepherd, my protector, my counselor, my friend and my Savior. Why, if he is all these things to me, shouldn’t he be the focus of all of my passions, thoughts, and actions? When we think about who God really is, we realize that he is the only one worthy of our honor and praise. Who is God to you?

Our culture has become self-centered and self-focused. Self gratification has become many peoples’ primary motive for living. The world promotes glorifying “man” but God along should be giving all glory, honor and praise.

Below is a link to the song “Glorify Thy Name,” which was written by Donna Adkins, based on the words of Psalm 34... enjoy!

Remember to give Him glory....
                   ... in your actions and words
                   ... for all of your achievements
                   ... because of His promises
                   ... as you take the Good News out into our world

Have a blessed week, my friends.
God’s Peace, Donna Weaver

“Turn from evil and do good;
seek peace and pursue it.”
- Psalm 34:14

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Maxine said...

Hey girl! I am planning on using Psalm 34:5 in my next post!! This Psalm is a tribute to how wonderful and how protective our GOD is! Thanks for the reminder.