18 July 2011

Which Way Next?

“For He Himself is our peace.”
– Ephesians 2:14

It’s hard to believe that our Peace Journey (and this blog) have been going strong for a little over six months now. God has been leading me on this expedition ... I've seen His footprints all over the path. He has given me the words to write when my mind just couldn’t come up with a topic, and stopped me in my tracks during the times when it became more about me and less about Him. God is so good!

I feel like I am standing at a crossroad and need to look back to see where I’ve been, before I can determine what direction I need to head next. Come join me and take your own personal assessment. When we are finished looking at where we’ve been, I’d love to hear your feedback. Feel free to post comments about your favorite topics, suggestions for topics you would like more information on, feedback on what was most helpful, and also any constructive criticism. We are all on this journey together…. you, me and God!

Some of our the stepping stones ...
• Taking care of the Big 3 - clutter, commitments and chaos
• Choosing our words (and the impact they have on others)
• Being a Woman of a Generous Spirit
• Holy Boldness (our ability to stand firm in our beliefs)
• Taking an inventory of our Fruits of the Spirit
• Cleaning our Spiritual House
• God carrying us through our storms (worry, fear, despair, change)
• Being Stewards of God’s Green Earth
• Reflection and time of Restoration
• Looking forward… we have Choices!
• Blessings of friendship and tips for being a friend
• Developmental and Spiritual Milestones
• It only takes a stamp (writing letters/cards of encouragement)
• Do not live in fear (wake up each morning to the “good stuff”)
• Random Acts of Kindness
• Passing on the foundations of faith to the next generation
• Throwing “spiritual confetti” (encouraging others)
• Being Keepers of Peace (bringing peace and God’s love to the lives of others)
• Ways to share God’s word
• Becoming a “dandelion” kind of Christian (spreading His word)
• Shared Blessings

Some of the questions we've asked ourselves ...
• Am I out “living” my life, or is it my goal to “outlive” my life?
• Do my acts of service reflect my gratitude and joy for Jesus’ gift of salvation?
• Is there someone I need to make peace with? (forgiveness)
• Does my “to do” list need a Mary-Martha adjustment?
• Who is God to me? (Names of God)
• What is my legacy?

Some of the “sparkle” ideas we’ve shared...
• How bright is my light (sparkle)?
• Confessions of a “post it” junkie (writing random notes)
• Being anonymous (reaching out to strangers)
• I love to tell the story (sharing Bible stories with kids)
• Let’s play hug-of-war (encouraging others)

Some people we’ve met along the way...
• Kim: Clown/ Encourager   
• Scott: Singer-songwriter/ Pastor   
• Peggy: Recycle Artisian/ Friend

When this journey began, I challenged myself to focus on four areas of my life that needed more peace. I’ve listed those areas below and made some personal observations as to where I see myself at this stage of the journey...

1. Peace in my Heart (seeking peace by praying, being still and staying in God’s word)

Observation: I have been doing better at finding more time to “be still.” Also, keeping a small journal handy to write down names of those I need to pray for. I still need to be more disciplined in reading my Bible and my study time... always a challenge!

2. Peaceful Environment (simplify = less stuff, more God)

Observation: My clutter is disappearing (somewhat), but it still seems like it’s always a work-in- progress. I think I’m going to need to set aside a certain amount of time each week to whittle away at the remaining piles.

3. Spirit of Peace (joy not busyness/ chaos)

Observation: This area still needs a lot of work. I’ve realized that my busy-ness definitely controls my joy. When I become overwhelmed or weary I have a tendency to hibernate at home and seclude myself from others that could encourage me and bring joy to my life. Changes needed here!

4. Sharing the Peace (sparkle – be a light to others)

Observation: This is one of my favorite areas. I love finding creative ways to share my faith and God’s love with others. I’ve been trying to challenge myself to look for new and exciting ways to “sparkle.”

WOW.... we sure have traveled a distance, but the journey is not over. I don’t know about you, but I still have a long way to go – and God has promised He will be with me every step of the way. Time to put on my hiking boots, tennis shoes, flip-flops and take the next step. Are you ready?

At the beginning of this blog I said that I needed to figure out, “What direction I need to head next.” Well, I’m just going to start walking the path and continue to let God lead the way. After all there is only “one way” to go and that is “God’s way!” Come along, and we can share our stories, tears and joy on our journey to seek more PEACE.

A Reminder to Me ... Strive for a Peace-filled Year while taking others along on the journey.  Have a blessed week and please don’t forget to share your thoughts and feelings. All comments welcomed!

Love ya lots....
Peace be with you all, Donna Weaver

“Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting.
So... get on your way.”
- Dr. Seuss


Kathi said...

Donna (Sis2)

As I have mentioned previously, I spend so much more time on your blog than my own because all of your topics have been so inspirational and helpful to me.

It's extremely difficult to choose favorite subject blogs because each and every one has had such a huge impact on me. I will say that your blog, "God carrying us through our Storms", "Do not live in Fear", "Blessings on Friendship", "Taking Care of the Big 3" have been real eye openers...and truly, all of the other topics have been so thought- provoking as well, to encourage us, make us more aware to develop a stronger relationship with the Lord; to become better, pro-active "Christians" who strive for peace in all areas of our life.

I feel so blessed to have an opportunity to journey along with you and your followers, as "Our Heavenly Father" leads the way....

Thank you for all of your devotion, passionate hard work, for being so consistent and inspirational!

Love, Hugs & Blessings,
Kathi....Little Sis

Donna Weaver said...

Kathi.... As always I aappreciate your kind words. Your feedback holds me accountible... making me want to search His word deeper and keep writing from the heart. I love how you said "as Our Heavenly Father leads the way," because that has always been my mission - to listen to Him, write for Him and because of Him.

You are a blessing to me... just wanted you to know!

Love & Peace,
Donna aka Sis2