09 April 2012

Sharing God’s Light – Part 1

“Don't hide your light! Let it shine for all; let your good deeds
glow for all to see, so that they will praise your heavenly Father.”
- Matthew 5:15-16

One of the most popular artists in America, "Painter of Light" Thomas Kinkade, died Friday at the age of 54. The University of California Berkeley graduate had a strong faith in God, which served as the foundation for his artwork.

Kinkade was one of the most widely collected and beloved artists of our day. According to his website, “Each year millions of people are drawn to the luminous light and tranquil mood of Kinkade's paintings and include his creations in their lives through prints, books, and other fine collectibles."

Years ago I collected lighthouses and had several Kinkade prints of his “beacon’s of light. “ He had such an eye for taking objects and using his paintbrush to make them “come alive with light."  As I was thinking about Kinkade’s work, I also thought about how God makes us come alive with His light.  We are not to shine our light to draw attention to ourselves, but commanded to become the light to others in this world, so that they may know the true Source of our light.

So, how do you shine?

There are many ways we can shine for Jesus. Maybe you are like Kinkade and shine with a paintbrush, or maybe you shine with your voice. I like to think that God’s light shines just a little through the words I write.  Whatever gifts, talents and passions God has given to you, use them to His glory and “shine” for all to see.

Thomas Kinkade painted some amazing images of faith include pieces entitled: The Good Shepherds Cottage, The Cross, Sunrise, Walk of Faith, Stairway to Paradise, Bridge of Faith.  He also has “The Garden of Prayer Collection” which includes the following paintings: The Garden of Prayer, Pools of Serenity, The Hour of Prayer, and Gazebo of Prayer.

I’d like to close my blog today with words written by Kinkade himself, describing his painting The Gazebo of Prayer ...
"In my heart, gazebos are truly peaceful places. They seem to exist apart from the world and beacon all of us inside the confines of the small world they capture. Children use them in their fanciful play delighting their young imaginations. Lovers use them as a retreat to share a romatic moment or perhaps a wedding vow.  Wanders usethem as a palce of refuge, gently sheltering from the day's brillant sun.  To my artistic eye, this gazebo is a perfect place for those seeking a time of reverent renewal and a moment of solitude to be with their God. The trees soften the light to create harmonies of shadow and color enhancing the viewer's experience. One can smell the fragrant floral aromas gently drifting in this small sanctum of solitude. The birds happily sing in the trees as if they were a church choir praising the creator and thanking Him for the grace given to this heavenly garden. The spirit of our Lord fills every moment if we take the time to simply look, listen and allow His presence to fill our hearts and provide guidance. Join me in the Gazebo of Prayer where we can connect with providence often lost in hectic, everyday life. God Bless."

Excerpt taken from the official Thomas Kinkade website.
Check out his work at the link below:

I'll be back on Friday with Part 2 of Sharing God’s Light. Have a blessed and “sparkly” week.   God’s Peace, Donna Weaver

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Debbie Case said...

Thank you Donna for this heartwarming tribute to Thomas Kinkade, and the faith his life reflected in numerous ways. I think we all have a responsibility to shine our lights in one way or another with the hope that God will use our lights as a means to lead others toward Him. Thank you for sharing. God bless.