21 November 2011

It's all about feeling FULL

“But I have all, and abound: I am full...”- Phillippians 4:18

Thanksgiving is almost here, and today I was thinking about all of the preparation that goes along with the big day.

Cleaning, shopping, cooking ... a full schedule.

Then come the friends, family, and football ... full of busy-ness.

... but in all of our activities and togetherness, we can’t forget to set aside time to give thanks for our many blessings. So between now and Thanksgiving, give some thought to how you will give “thanks.” Below is a poem that we will be using as the blessing at our table this year.

Abundant Blessing

We thank you for the turkey,
The gravy and the dressing.
Dear Lord, this table overflows
With Thy abundant blessing.

Let us always be aware
That all gifts come from You,
And may we serve Your heavenly will
In everything we do. Amen.

by Joanna Fuchs

Long after all the turkey, stuffing, cranberries, and other goodies are gone, we need to continue to recognize our fullness. Not the “fullness” from eating a meal of abundance, or the fullness of our schedules, but the fullness of God’s abundant blessings ... the blessings not just during a holiday, special occasion, or the good times, but the blessings found in our ordinary everyday lives.

This Thanksgiving I am thank-“full” to God ... for provision, peace, and hope ... for family, friends, and my faith ... for all that I am and all that I have been given.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Blessings and God’s Peace, Donna Weaver

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the
highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.”
– John F. Kennedy

Poem “Abundant Blessing” used with permission from writer, Joanna Fuchs.
For more poems written by Joanna and her husband, Karl, check out their website: http://www.poemsource.com/index.html

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