16 November 2011


This is a new segment of my blog where I will be sharing a variety of thoughts, scripture verses, and “sparkle” ideas just for kids. Feel free to pass them on to your children, grandchildren, or any other young people that God has put in your life.

KIDZ ☮ PEACE... I once read that the biggest difference between people who are happy and people who are not is that happy people focus on, think about, talk about, and give thanks for what is good in their lives. Unhappy people don’t. Sound simple? It is!

1. Do you have an ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE? When we become “thankful” our attitude changes ... Did you know that it is impossible to have a bad attitude when we thank God in ALL things - our joys, unexpected blessings, miracles, the small things, and even the hardships, disappointments, and challenges?

I know it might sound a bit strange but yes, we can find blessings in all things. Even when we are having troubled times, we can be thankful in knowing that God is always with us and that He is in control.

Do you know people who go through life mad or frustrated about what they do not have? They spend all of their time complaining and never realize how blessed they are. Sometimes It’s okay to be a “NOT” person, but only if you consider it a true blessing (see the 4th comment in the list below).

Here are a few things to remember about giving thanks...

• Gratitude has to do with our heart and not how much we have or don’t have.

• When we are happy on the outside it is based on our circumstances, but when we have joy on the inside it is based on our attitude.

• God is the source of every good thing in our life, AND our strength and hope whenever we face the “not so good” things.

• Concentrating on the "NOTS" can enable us to see thankfulness from a different perspective (Examples: I am not homeless, I am not blind, I am not hungry, I am not stupid, I am not alone).

2. What does God’s Word tell us? When we go to God in prayer and read our Bible we can find words that instruct us on how to be thankful. Check out these verses: Psalm 69:30, Colossians 4:2, Psalm 136:1, Colossians 3:15, Psalm 100:4.

3. What are you thankful for? Here are two ideas to help you recognize all of the things that you are thankful for.

Gratitude List: Find a small notebook or journal and try writing down 3 things that you are thankful for every day. As you write them down, give thanks to God for your blessings.

Not Box: Find a box about the size of a school pencil box or shoebox, and place it somewhere you will see it every day. Anytime you think of a “NOT” that you are thankful for, write it down on a slip of paper and put it in the box. Pick one of your “NOT” slips at night and use it as something to pray about. One example would be: “Dear God, I am thankful that I am NOT sick.”

Kidz Thought for the Week: God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one to say "thank you?" - from William A. Ward

Keeping you in my prayers. 'til next week ... be thankful in ALL things!
God’s Peace, Donna

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