21 September 2011


This is a new mid-week segment of my blog where I will be sharing a variety of thoughts, scripture verses, and “sparkle” ideas just for kids. Feel free to pass them on to your children, grandchildren, or any other young people that God has put in your life.

KIDZ ☮ PEACE ...Whether you are at home, school or at church, playing sports, or hanging out with friends, there are rules that need to be followed. We need to obey our parents, teachers, coaches, police, employers, and many other responsible adults.

Rules have not been created just to make things hard for us. They have not been set because someone wants to control our lives, or be mean to us. Rules have been put in place because someone cares about us, and is looking out for us.

1. Why do we need to be obedient?

• When we are obedient we show respect for others
• Obeying rules keeps us safe
• Helps us work together as a team or group
• We learn to set boundaries

2. What does God’s Word tell us?

There are rules that God wants us to follow every day. Have you ever heard of the 10 Commandments? They are a list of 10 laws God gave to Moses on Mount Sinai and are just as important today as they were in Bible times. God’s commandments give us rules to follow so we can live a life that is Christ-like.

Learning the 10 Commandments and being able to say them by heart not only helps us to live each day as a Christian, but if we memorize them we can share with others who may be struggling in their daily walk. You can find the 10 Commandments in your Bible… just turn to Exodus 20:1-17. Why not study one commandment a day. Read it over and over again until you can recite it by memory and in just 10 days you will know all of the 10 Commandments.

Here are some other Bible verses about obedience... check out Colossians 3:20, John 15:10-12, Leviticus 25:18, 1 John 2:5

3. What happens when we do not obey?

When we do not obey the rules and boundaries that have been set, we may get punished by our parents, have detention at school, get kicked off of a team, or even get arrested... someone could get hurt... but worst of all our disobedience makes God unhappy.

Kidz Thought for the Week:  “When in doubt, don't”  -  Benjamin Franklin

Keeping you in my prayers. 'til next week, when you are tempted to break the rules just ask God to help you be obedient!

God's Peace, Donna

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