28 September 2011

Kidz Topic: STUDY

This is a new segment of my blog where I will be sharing a variety of thoughts, scripture verses, and “sparkle” ideas just for kids.  Feel free to pass them on to your children, grandchildren, or any other young people that God has put in your life.  

KIDZ PEACE ...No matter what your age or grade, learning new things is part of our everyday life.  Whether we are learning to tie our shoes, learning to drive a car, or learning a new job, we are faced with tasks that we have never done before.

I graduated from high school many (many) years ago, got a job, and never went to college.  Two years ago I decided that I wanted to get my college degree.  The challenges of learning never stop - even for someone my age.  One of the hardest things for me has been finding good study habits that work around my job and other activities.  It has been found that too often students do poorly in school because they lack good study habits.  Thank goodness, if we learn good study habits at a young age, we never forget.  It's like riding a bike - once you learn "how," you can do it even if you haven't done it for a long time. 

1.  Good study habits:

Pay attention and take good notes in class
• Have one special place to write down your assignments (it will help keep you organized)
• Choose a good location for studying (a desk or work table away from interruptions, good lighting), and set a regular time to study
• Have the necessary supplies in your study space (box of pencils, pens, markers, ruler, scissors, stapler, paper, etc)
• Be sure to study ahead of time for tests (don’t wait until the night before)
• Plan ahead for projects and set aside enough time to complete (be organized and break the project down in to small goals)
• Ask for help if you need it (parents, teachers, counselors, older brothers and sisters)
• Getting a good night sleep is important for effective studying (set a regular bedtime)

2.  What does God's Word tell us?

When we go to God in prayer and read His word we find instruction on many different topics. Scripture also tells us about the importance of learning, "Now devote your heart and soul to seeking the LORD your God” -1 Chronicles 22:19.  Check out these verses: Proverbs 9:9, Proverbs 1:5, Ecclesiastes 1:13.

3. Spiritual study habits:

Every Christian young or old needs to get to know God better. We need to be consistent... in order to make our spiritual studies a “habit.” To do this, we need to set up a schedule that works around our other activities and seek God every day. Spiritual study includes:

Devotional “quiet” time
• Prayer time
• Bible study (reading God’s word)
• Memorizing scripture
• Fellowship with other believers (weekly Sunday school, youth group, Christian concerts)

Kidz Thought for the Week: “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” - from Walt Disney

Keeping you in my prayers. 'til next week ... study hard and always do your best!
God's Peace, Donna

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