09 September 2011


This is a new segment of my blog where I will be sharing a variety of thoughts, scripture verses, and “sparkle” ideas just for kids. Feel free to pass them on to your children, grandchildren, or any other young people that God has put in your life.

KIDZ ☮ PEACE ... Perseverance is a big word. I looked it up in the dictionary so I could give you the correct definition. It means to continue, patient effort, persistence - in other words, to keep trying without giving up, even when the going gets tough.

1. How to Persevere:

• One way to learn to persevere is to set some goals. Working toward and meeting “mini-goals” helps us see our accomplishments along the way. By meeting our goals, we are encouraged not to give up.

• Ask for help. When we share our struggles, we learn that we are not alone and there is strength in team-work. Having someone else share can give us an extra boost of determination.

• Don’t make excuses or use unfortunate circumstances as a reason to reason to quit. You can do it!

• Learn what God tells us about perseverance.

2. Historic Examples of Perseverance:   Abraham Lincoln once said, “People are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” We all know that Mr. Lincoln experienced many successes in his life. After all, he was our 16th President, but did you know that he also had many struggles in his life. His business failed and he had many political defeats before he was elected President, but he PERSEVERED. He had courage, boldness, self-discipline, determination, and a positive attitude. And because of those qualities he succeeded.

The Bible is full of stories about hurting and suffering people, but it also gives us many stories that show great perseverance. The story of Abraham is a wonderful example. Abraham was called “friend of God” and “father of many nations,” but that did not make him untouchable. He was still affected by many challenges and very difficult times. God even tested Abraham to see if he still loved God, but even after everything Abraham had gone through he knew that God gives his best to those who are willing to give him their best. God blessed him abundantly (Genesis 13:2 and 24:1).

There are many other examples of people in the Bible who endured great struggles and difficult times, but through faith they persevered. Check out stories about Noah, Joseph, Hannah, Moses, David.

3. What does God’s Word tell us?   Check these verses out to read more about perseverance: Romans 5:3, Hebrews 12:1, James 1:2-3, James 5:11

4. Examples of Perseverance in our Lives ...

Did you ever have a project you were working on and everything was going wrong? If you stuck to it, how did it make you feel when the project was done?

Did you ever take a hard test and right in the middle you wanted to quit or cheat? If you did the right thing - tried your best and completed the test without any help, how did you feel?

Did you ever try to run a race or play a sport for the first time? If you kept at it, how did it make you feel to finish the race, or complete the game?

When things get tough and we feel like giving up, we need to remember the words found in “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” Remember that with God nothing is impossible – without God nothing is possible.

Kidz Thought for the Week: “The only thing worse than quitting, is never starting.”  - author unknown

Keeping you in my prayers.  'til next week, finish the race ... persevere!
God's Peace, Donna

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